Sunday, September 7, 2008

South America Trip - Day 9

Day 9 - Friday 8/29

We woke up this morning and had breakfast downstairs in the lobby. While we were eating breakfast we could see black smoke rising in the air. It looked like it was coming from around the restaurant area we had been in the night before.

After breakfast someone came to pick us up to take us to the airport. On the way there the taxi driver asked us if we heard about the fire. We asked him where it was...and he said it was at Siga La Vaca! The place we had just eaten dinner at the night before!! Awwww!

We got to the airport, boarded our plane and in about 3 hours we were landing in Santiago, Chile. On our approach to the airport you could see the amazing Andes Mountains out the windows of the airplane!

Our driver, Antonio picked us up to take us to our hotel. On the way there he told us that 40% of the population of Chile live in the Santiago area. Chile is a really long and skinny country. Near the southern tip, there are penguins and icebergs!

When we checked into our hotel they gave us a complimentary drink ticket for the bar. We had heard that in Chile the national drink is the Pisco Sour, so of course we had to try that as our complimentary drink. Boy, was it sour...and strong! One was enough for all of us! Here is our partial view of the Andes from our hotel room:

By now we were hungry for dinner. The staff at the reception desk of the hotel told us that there was a main part of the area that had all of the restaurants. We headed to that area, called Patio Bellavista to fine a place for dinner. We ended up choosing a seafood restaurant, which was a big change from all that meat we had been eating in Brazil and Argentina! After dinner we walked around Patio Bellavista and took in the atmosphere. On the next street over, it was packed with young crowds at the bars. We're assuming they were all college kids from the college that was only about 1 block away.

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