Sunday, September 7, 2008

South America Trip - Day 4

Day 4 – Sunday 8/24

On Sundays they shut down one side of the main highway in Rio so pedestrians can easily stroll along the different beaches of the city. We had heard about something sort of like a swapmeet called the Hippie Fair. They had tons of booths with different vendors selling handmade goods. They even had a large section for art.
After the Hippie Fair, we walked along the beach and took in the scenery on a busy Sunday afternoon.
For lunch we headed back to the rotisserie chicken place! Yum!

Someone picked us up from the hotel at 2:00pm to go to the airport. Our flight left at 5:00pm and landed in Iguazu Falls at 7:00pm. A driver named Elio picked us up. We landed on the Brazillian side and then had to cross the border into Argentina. It was about a 5 mile ride to the border.
From the border we stopped at the local Casino to go to the ATM to take out some money on Argentinean pesos. We liked the exchange rate the best in Argentina. For every US dollar, you got 3 pesos.
From there we drove into the National Park, where our hotel was located. The Sheraton we stayed in is the only hotel within the National Park. We had very nice rooms, like a high class American hotel. From our hotel we had the jungle view.

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