Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Food Blogs

So lately I’ve become totally engulfed in all that is cooking!

Everyday the DVR records Emril Live and I’ll record select episodes of: 30 Minute Meals (Rachel Ray), Quick Fix Meals, Guy’s Big Bite, and Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee.

I’ve pulled a lot of recipes off the Food Network website lately.

I’ve also recently been subscribing to more food blogs. I signed up for Google Reader so that I can track all of the blogs that I read and it will show me when someone has update their blog. It even suggests other blogs that you might enjoy, who knew!

About a week ago I read this lady’s blog and saw a picture and recipe for Magic S’more Brownies. Drool almost came out of my mouth! It looked delicious! I immediately thought, “I have to try this!” I went to the grocery store right after work and picked up the ingredients. Not only did they look yummy, they tasted great! Plus, the blog author was giving away some goodies from William Sonoma for a random winner who tried her recipes.
Now, my picture doesn’t look delicious, but the blog author’s did.



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Deborah said...

I can see why you rushed home to make these - they sound amazing!!