Sunday, September 7, 2008

South America Trip - Day 12

Day 12 - Monday 9/1

This morning we woke up a little late and then headed down for breakfast. We had requested a late check out since we wouldn't be picked up until about 5:30pm to head to the airport.

After relaxing for a little while, Cuong & Paul went out to play tennis and ping pong one last time.

Paul, Cuong and I had each scheduled massages in the afternoon. Ah, yes. This massage was SO much better than the one in Argentina. It ws just what we needed before our long day of travel.

We then left the hotel in search of lunch. Since we didn't particularly enjoy the Chilean food, we went to a Peruvian restuarant. It was fantastic! Cuong, Yoland and I all got the Lomo Saltado - strips of steak, onions, tomatoes mixed with french fries and served with rice. YUM!! Paul treated himself to some surf & turf! It really hit the spot!

From there, we headed back to the hotel before we were to get picked up. Then we headed to the airport and boarded our flight to Atlanta, GA. In 9 1/2 hours later we landed in Atlanta...went through Customs and then had a 2 hour lay over before our flight to LAX.

Phew! We were so blessed to not have any troubles with flights, lost luggage and serious illness! It was a great trip!

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Dawnisha said...

Great pics! Sounds like loads of fun! :)