Sunday, September 7, 2008

South America Trip - Day 8

Day 8 - Thursday 8/28

Today it was cold and gloomy out, so we didn't want to be outside for too long. The front desk told us about the clothing district in the city. We decided to go and take a look.
A taxi picked us up and took us to a leather store. Everyone told us that if you are visiting Argentina, you have to buy leather. They are known for good quality, low price leather.
After looking around for a while, I found a leather jacket that I liked. I had never spent that much on a jacket before, but I had also never had a leather jacket before! So....while in Argentina, I purchased my first leather jacket. The one that I tried on had this funky white stitching on it. I told the sales person that I didn't like that part. She told me that they could make one without the stitching. She asked when we were leaving Argentina and where we were staying. It was about 10:00am when we were in the store...and she said she could have the jacket delivered to me by 4:30pm to our hotel. Wow!! Believe it or not, they had already dropped off my "custom" made jacket by 3:45!

After the leather store we headed to the famous "Florida" (sounds like flor-eeda). We had been told that this was the place to buy souvenirs and other items. Sadly we didn't find anything to buy there.
We headed back to the hotel to play on the pool table they had in the lobby. After pool, the boys went outside to smoke their cigars to have a mini-celebration for Paul's birthday.

Since Siga La Vaca was so good the night before....we went again for dinner!!

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