Tuesday, June 3, 2008


My brother graduated from Yavapai College in Arizona last week and then came to California for a little break. Without to my parents, my brother’s girlfriend bought him a puppy for a graduation gift. She was only 6 weeks old when they bought her. She’s a Chi-Wiener. A mix between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. She was so cute.

Since he was coming to California for almost a week, he had to bring her along; but since she’s a secret from my parents, he had to leave her at our house.

We immediately began reading our puppy book to try and prepare for her arrival. We learned about puppy bladders, feedings, crate training, etc.

My brother arrived with her late Monday night with her and took care of her for the night. He basically just slept on our couch and she apparently did too! The next few nights my brother stayed at my parents’ house. That meant we were fully in charge of taking care of Bella. During the day she was confined to our master bathroom space. We would try to put her to sleep and lay her in her crate before we left for work. That way we didn’t hear her crying as we left for our 8+ hour workdays.

We’re assuming she cried all day long. She was crying when we got home from work also. She was so happy to see someone at the end of the day. She was really cute but SO much work. It was almost like having a baby. She constantly needed attention and you couldn’t let her out of your sight. She could run RIGHT under our couch without ducking almost!! Plus you always needed to pay attention to when she needed to go to the bathroom. She had her little pee-pee pad that she was learning to go on. When she successfully went on it, you were supposed to give her a treat right away.

We didn’t get much sleep during those nights that we took care of her. She would cry when she was in the crate because she didn’t know where you were. You had to put your hand down near the door to the crate so she could see/smell you. Plus she would walk up every 2-3 hours to go to the bathroom and once during the night to eat.
She was definitely cute, but I think that experience helped us to see that we’re probably not ready for a dog right now!

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