Thursday, May 8, 2008

Digi Scrappin'

I read Jessica Sprague's blog every now and then. A few weeks back I read that she teaches classes on digital scrapbooking. Having never used Photoshop before, I was intrigued at the fact that she was teaching a beginners class!!

The course is a few weeks long and you get free digi kits and video instructions. So far I've made 2 layouts! It's pretty cool and I've learned a lot so far even though I've only had one "lesson". I can definitely see myself doing digi scrapping along with regular scrapping.

After this beginners course, she also teaching an intermediate course. I'll see how this all goes and I might come back to take another class!

I just kind of picked random pictures that we had on the computer for these layouts...nothing was planned in advance.

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Superwoman Scrapper said...

These layouts are gorgeous. You have photoshop?!? Yeah, you'll definitely have to play more and share, please share!