Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Herb "Garden"

In Norwalk we were able to have a little herb garden on the side of the house, and things grew pretty well there.

Now living in Orange, I'd love to have another one....but the rabbits are eating everything! In an effort to start growing something, we made a stop at Walmart to pick up some little pots and some seeds.

Here they are on the day I planted the seeds. We have Rosemary, Dill, Mint and Basil. On the package it said that it would take about 14 days to germinate. Well only 7 days later, we started to see little sprouts....and only a few days after that.....

Now I need to take even more recent pictures. Within the last 3 days or so, the dill has completely sprung up and looks like grass! The basil has come up a tad bit more. You can see really tiny sprouts in the mint.

The rosemary isn't doing too well. I'm going to blame it on the seeds. When I opened the package they were all stuck together, as well as stuck to the package. Maybe they got wet and are no good anymore. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but I wouldn't be too sad if I needed to go buy another 79 cent package of rosemary.

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Superwoman Scrapper said...

Great way to avoid the rabbits. I'd like to see what you make with the fresh herbs.