Monday, June 23, 2008

Major Gardening

We’ve been in our house for about 2 months now. For our trash service, we have three different bins: Recycling, Green Waste and Trash.
I think our Green Waste bin has been filled up every single week since we’ve moved in. The previous owner just let things go wild. Trees were overgrown and needed to be trimmed, bushes needed to be trimmed and shaped and weeds needed to be pulled.
So we’ve been trimming, seeding, weeding and planting almost every weekend (and some weekdays).

The backyard is starting to take shape. I’ll have to find some “before” pictures and compare them to the latest set of pictures. We’re still not done, but we’re taking our time in hopes of not getting too burned out.

One of the parts of the backyard that I like are the hydrangea plants. When we moved in you could see that they were getting ready to bloom, and they are been ever since. Just last weekend I decided that I should snip some off and put them in a vase. That way we are able to enjoy them inside and see them more often while they are still in bloom.

Once all of the flowers are gone, we’ll need to trim the plants back and await the next bloom!!

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