Friday, June 27, 2008

Anniversary Weekend Ideas

So our 2 year anniversary is coming up at the end of October. A few months away, I know, but I'm trying to get a head start on thinking about what to do.

Cuong & I agreed that we would switch off every year coming up with our anniversary weekend plans. Last year it was his turn and we went to Palm Desert. We ended up spending more money than anticipated.

This year it's my turn. I'm trying to come up with something cool, but not super expensive. We've basically been bleeding out money ever since we moved into the new house.

So my first thoughts were: Santa Barbara, San Diego area, Temecula area. Somewhere close enough to drive to (and that doesn't take TOO long). Chances are we'd be leaving on a Friday night or early Saturday morning...spending the night and then coming back home on Sunday.

Any ideas or suggestions??


Cristina said...

Come up to Portland! I"M MOVING THERE!!!

Superwoman Scrapper said...

I like the Temecula idea. You can do wine tasting and a couple's massage and then a really nice dinner out? You could do that in San Diego, too. My girlfriend might be able to get a discount at the LaCosta Resort & Spa. Let me know.