Sunday, January 6, 2008

Yes, STILL waiting!!

On Thursday evening we got a call from the loan officer at Countrywide. He told us that he only verbally heard that Countrywide wanted to write up a counter offer $20,000 more than our original offer. The house is probably worth that, but we weren't too happy about that news. $20,000 could be a new car!!
On Friday I gave the real estate agent a call to fill him in, if he hadn't heard. When he answered the phone he immediately told me that he heard from Countrywide and told them that there was no way we'd accept that counter offer and that they needed to look their numbers over again. I was a little worried at first, but he sounded pretty confident that they might come down. I would hate to put our offer in, wait 6 weeks and then have them just turn around and walk away.
A few minutes after I talked to the real estate agent, the loan officer from Countrywide called Cuong. He explained to him that the real estate agent asked for them to look at it again and that they would do so. He said that if we get our loan through Countrywide instead of Edward Jones, he thinks we have a much better chance of them accepting our offer.
Countrywide sent us a quote on the special interest rate they'd give us, and it looked great!!

We're hoping to FINALLY hear something this week, but you never know, the way things have been going.
We drove around the area of the house again. It's a little further from grocery stores, etc than we're used to, but it's just something we'll have to get accustomed to. There are all kinds of little pockets of shopping. I think I'd have to make myself a little map or list of where things are. They're really all over the place.

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