Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Very First Sewing Machine

Today I purchased my very first sewing machine. My mom found an ad in the newspaper for Big Lots. Apparently a representative from Singer sewing machines was going to be at the Big Lots in Huntington Beach from 9am-1pm selling sewing machines that were left over from a school. They were brand new and in the factory sealed boxes.
They had 3 models available: Student, Teacher and Professional. The student was $199 and the Professional was $399. Considering I know almost nothing about sewing, I figured I'd better stick with the student model. My mom went for the Professional...the "self-threading" needle was what sold her!
In anticipation of the bank accepting our offer on the house, I figured I'd need a sewing machine to make some curtains or pillows. I made some with the help of my mom and Cuong's mom for the house in Norwalk. I had to borrow their sewing machines to do that, so hopefully I'll be able to do it on my own now! :)
After we made our purchases, we headed to Walmart to buy a Singer hard case for storing the sewing machines!

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