Monday, January 14, 2008

Lots of closed doors meetings around work…never a good sign! Whenever you see meetings like this, rumors and speculations start flying.

We currently have 21 people in our “OC/LA Division”, within our Corporate office. Rumor has it that about 30% of that group could be laid off in the coming weeks. That means that the people who are left will be taking over the responsibilities of those people.
It’s been pretty quiet in the office lately. The phone doesn’t ring as much, there aren’t as many emails to answer…all signs of times slowing down.
They say that when the bad times hit, they try to hang on to their best people to ride out the tough times. I’m happy to know that I’m one of those people, but it is still a little nerve racking when there is so much uncertainty!

On the scrapbooking side of things....I've really wanted to scrapbook lately, but my stuff is in boxes and semi-hidden away. I don't really have a place where I can spead it all out and organize it. I would just love to have our offer on the house be accepted, that way I can have my own scrapbook room and REALLY get organized!! I've been seeing lots of good ideas lately!

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Superwoman Scrapper said...

I have the book Organization Tips for Scrapbookers if you want to borrow it. Hope you get the house!