Wednesday, November 28, 2007

An Eventful Night

We ended up going to the emergency room in Irvine last night. Cuong’s been having chest pains for about the last three weeks. Yesterday he said that they were the most painful and constant they had ever been while he was at work in the morning. That same feeling came back last night.
Last week he saw his primary care physician. They hooked him up to an EKG and didn’t find anything except that he has a slow heart rate. His doctor recommended that he see a cardiologist. The next available appointment that the cardiologist had is December 13th. In the meantime, the doctor told him to go to the ER if the pains got worse.
We drove down to Irvine Medical Center to their emergency room and checked in. We were the 2nd ones in there, behind the kid with the broken finger. We waited a little while and then a nurse checked Cuong out, hooked him up to an EKG, took some notes, and then sent us back out to the waiting area. We had to fill out some forms before he got his hospital bracelet put on.
We waited a little while longer, and then they called him back into a room to be seen by the doctor. When the doctor came in, he asked a lot of questions, and checked him all out. They took some blood and put in an IV. Since he said his pain level was at a 6-7 out of 10, they injected some pain medication intravenously.
From there, they wheeled him in the hospital bed down to the radiology area of the hospital. The doctor said that chest pain can also be caused by a blood clot in the lung, which could be serious….so he wanted to check that out just in case. They hooked Cuong up to this breathing machine. Once he had been on it for about a minute or so, they put in this colored vapor and he was to keep breathing it in so it would go down into his lungs. After that had gone down into his lungs, they took some sort of x-rays. Luckily those came back negative!
Once back in the room, someone else came in to take a chest x-ray.
The doctor came back in a little while later to let us know that the blood tests, breathing tests and chest x-rays all came back fine. He recommended that he try to push up his appointment with the cardiologist to do a Stress Test. He said that the pain could possibly be coming from muscular strain and not the heart (since it is on his right side).
After about 4 hours, we were on our way back home….and here I am today at work, definitely tired!! Everyone at the hospital kept saying that I looked more worried than he did, and I probably was!
So Cuong’s at home today, just relaxing. Hopefully the cardiologist will be able to see him sooner than his original appointment to get everything checked out. It’s pretty scary when they talk about different heart diseases and ailments.
Definitely keep him in your prayers!

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Dawnisha said...

Will definatly be keeping Cuong in my prayers. Hope he feels better soon!