Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A New Offer

Last night we put in an offer on a house in Orange. It’s up in the foothills in an area called Serrano Heights. It’s right on the other side of the hill from Anaheim Hills.
We definitely really excited about this one. It was built by Centex in 2001 so it’s basically BRAND NEW and it’s gorgeous inside.
The owner bought it in 2005 when prices were way up and now unfortunately he is going through a divorce and needs to move before he goes into default. The house is listed as a short sale and is listed well below market value. We are currently the only offer that is being submitted to the bank for approval. The agent seemed impressed with our credit scores and the fact that we have the down payment ready to go. Hopefully the bank will be impressed as well. It can take them about 2-3 weeks to approve or deny the offer. It’s kind of nerve wracking and it’s definitely a new experience for us.
Now we’re just crossing our fingers (and toes) that the bank will approve our offer in a timely manner!

Aerial view of the house (Corner Lot)


Superwoman Scrapper said...

This house is gorgeous and so you guys! We will cross all of our fingers and toes over here as well for you . . . that's 100 fingers and toes!!! Good luck and let us know as soon as you get an answer.

Dawnisha said...

Beautiful house! Goodluck!!