Monday, August 20, 2007

My First Hindu Indian Wedding

This weekend we had my friend, Seema's, wedding. It was a new experience for us, having never been to a Hindu wedding.

I had previously heard that traditionally the groom rides in on a horse. I didn't believe it until we pulled into the parking lot and saw the horse coming out of it's trailer all dressed and ready to go! When Vinnie rode up along the hotel on that horse, I swear it looked like they were filming a Hindi movie!!

Vinnie's family lead the way, dancing and celebrating.
After that portion was over, Seema's family made their way out to his family looking like they were bringing gifts.

Once Seema's parents reached the horse and he dismounted, they lead him to the mandap, where the wedding ceremony would be held. It was really unlike anything I had ever seen!

The priest who was performing the ceremony was kind enough to explain some of the different things that were going on. It was a very interesting ceremony. I liked how it was based off of Hindu rituals from over 4,000 years ago, but was still so revelant to today. It was full of respect for each family, their ancestors and them all becoming like one family. The bride and groom are now a married couple who need to depend on and respect one another but can also depend on their families for support as well.

In between the ceremony and reception, the Grand Ballroom was transformed. We helped put the chair covers and turquoise bows and the chairs. You would have never known that the ceremony and reception happened in the same room!
Seema looked gorgeous in her reception outfit. She had designed the dress and her roommate from Hawaii made it. She had previously taken the material to India to have all of the beadwork done. She looked gorgeous! It was like an Indian Cinderella dress!

Next up....Alex and Erika's Wedding!

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Superwoman Scrapper said...

I am absolutely fascinated by the descriptions you gave and the pictures you showed. I'm sure there's more! I've never known someone Hindu or imagined what they would be like, but it looks just like a fairy tale. How lucky you are to have been a part of that.