Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More Weddings!

This past weekend we attended Alex's wedding. Now that we're in Orange County, we had to wake up pretty early to make the drive up into LA.
The ceremony was held at a Catholic church in LA. I had never seen Mariachis in a church before, so that was a first! It was nice though.
Erika looked beautiful coming down the aisle with her father.

None of us thought that Alex would be getting married as soon as he did. Erika is just a really special girl. Their vows definitely touched Erika, as she got teary as she dedicated her life to being Alex's wife.

After the ceremony, there was a reception immediately following. We hopped on the freeway again and headed out to Bel Air. Alex's friend had a home up in the hills and his parents were generous enough to offer their home up to Alex. The house was breathtaking! We were at a table with Adolfo, Lulu, Dee, Alfred, Sandra, Jon, Mario & Brenda. We had a great time. It even sprinkled for about 5 mintues, just for a little luck! :)

Their cake was super cute and matched their colors perfectly! Just had to share!

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