Tuesday, March 4, 2008

California Budget Impacts

I’ve been hearing about the budget that Govenor Schwarzenegger has proposed for the state. It includes a $312.9 million cut to education JUST to the Cal. State Universities! That doesn’t include the other amounts of monies that are being cut from California’s schools.
The President of Cal. State Long Beach encouraged all alumni to write their local government officials and explain the impacts on the campuses that provide our citizens with a higher education.
I wrote a letter to Senator Diane Feinstein, Senator Barbara Boxer and House official Dana Rohrabacher.

“Dear _________,
After hearing about the current State budget proposed by the Governor, I am very concerned about the funds for our education system. I believe it will be very detrimental to our children and the college students trying to get the best education that they can.
I am a graduate of Cal. State Long Beach and feel very proud of my accomplishments at a CSU. The CSU system was able to provide me with an excellent higher education. Although I did not require any financial aid, I know that monies from the state budget enable the campus to function in a proper manner to provide what their students need.
Unfortunately with the large cuts to education, 10,000 qualified students will not have the opportunity to attend a CSU because they will not be able to offer them a slot at any CSU campus. That only leads to discouraged, and now under educated citizens of California and the United States.
I know we need to get our state budget back on track, but we need to be careful with the cuts we make.
Thank you for your time and all that you do.”

I don’t get involved in politics too much, but I figured that the more people they hear from, hopefully the more they feel compelled to listen to the people to voted them into office and fight for what is right and what they need.

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