Friday, February 1, 2008

Vacation Planning

I think we finally figured out what we're doing for a vacation this year. We planned on going together with Paul & Yolanda on a BIG trip before babies!
At first we were thinking Australia/New Zealand/Fiji. But our summer is their winter and it can get pretty cold in some places. If I'm going half way around the world, I want it to be nice weather!
So then we tried to figure out where else to go. I announced that I didn't think I could get a full 2 weeks off in a row, so we decided to split it into 2 1-week trips. Fine with me!
None of us had been to the Big Island of Hawaii, so we looked into doing that plus Maui....2 islands got to be more expensive than we thought. So instead (for some reason), we're just going to Maui. So we leave April 3rd from San Diego.
We thought our next trip would be an Alaska cruise...turns out those are expensive also! Plus, if you get a balcony, you want to be on the side that is cruising along the coast, otherwise you just see ocean! People must book it a year before the trip because, all of the good cabins were GONE!
Cuong and Paul started looking at other trips. They found an 11 night trip on that goes to South America. It includes your flights, tour, hotels and breakfast every morning for about $2,000 per person. The flight alone to S. America is about $1,000!
I'm sure we'll have to be vaccinated just in case...and we have to get a Visitor's Visa from the Brazilian consulate before we go. Apparently you have to pay $100 cash as an entrance fee to Chile also.I just hope that this is the LAST time we change our minds about where we're going to go. It's been a few months of indecisiveness!!

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Superwoman Scrapper said...

Hi, just so you know from Alaskan Cruise veterans, that it's a passageway so there's land on both sides of the boat. You go between islands and the mainland of Canada itself. Check it out!