Saturday, February 16, 2008

Go Ducks!

On Friday night, Paul & Yolanda invited us to go with them to the Ducks hockey game against the Stars. It was Cuong’s first hockey game that he had ever been to. The tickets that Paul had were really good! They were center ice and about 15 rows up. If the puck came flying over the glass, it would’ve hit us in the face!

The Ducks scored in the first period….AND there was a fight in the first period. Apparently one of the Ducks guys came out of retirement for that game. Everyone started clapping and we had no idea why!We’re not huge hockey fans, but it was definitely a change of pace for us and it was pretty exciting!

We left a little bit early to beat the rush of people out to the parking lot. Poor Ducks lost!

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Superwoman Scrapper said...

How fun! I've never been to a hockey game.