Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Have a Shot!!

On Saturday we went to a local restaurant in Costa Mesa. I had been there once before, but the fact that we found a buy one get one FREE coupon enticed me to go back. It had been years since I had been there, but I remember that their Chicken Teriyaki bowl was SO good!

The place is called Skosh Monahans. It's owned by Gary Monahan, the former Mayor of Costa Mesa.

We were seated and the waitress took our order. I kept seeing this scruffy looking guy cruise around to all of the tables and talking. I wasn't sure who he was. Turns out....that was Gary Monahan! He likes to greet all of his guests, get to know them a little bit and make sure that everything is okay with their meal.

After we got our food, our waitress came by and told us to tell the owner that our waitress was pretty slow today and that she needed a shot. Gary didn't come by, so we didn't have a chance to ask him. Our waitress was very persistant though. About 15 minutes later, she reminded us that she still didn't have her shot!

Cuong finally stopped Gary as he was walking by. We told him that she was kind of sluggish and she needed a shot. Gary's response was, "Oh, I'm sorry. She just finished working an 8 hour shift at her other job. I'm sure she's pretty tired." At that point, I thought we got her in trouble, so I felt all bad.

About 5 mintues later, Gary and our waitress walk up with FOUR shots! Apparently if you tell him your waitress is sluggish, everyone gets shots! Bottoms up! I think it was a double shot of Cactus Cooler. It REALLY did taste like Cactus Cooler! Not bad!!

Right after that I thought, "Darn! I should have brought my camera! We just took a shot with Gary Monahan!"

Of course we tipped Jenny a little extra, since our shots were free. Those are the kinds of things that make you want to go back! :)


Superwoman Scrapper said...

How exciting, a shot with a former mayor. What does a cactus cooler shot taste like? You'll have to make one for me next time . . .

Jen said...

Ryan and I got this coupon for $25 to use at several different restaurants, and skosh monahans is one of them. You can bet we'll be telling Gary that the waitress is sloooooow! hahah