Wednesday, June 3, 2009

4D Ultrasound

Last Thursday, May 28th, we had an appointment at a 4D Ultrasound Center in Anaheim Hills. We weren't totally sure what to expect, but we were very pleased with the results.

We headed in to the "Ultrasound Theater" which had a comfy bed for me and a plush couch for Cuong. There was a huge 42"+ screen on the wall which allowed us to easily see what was going on during the ultrasound.

The girl who did the ultrasound was SO nice!! She said that she had been doing these ultrasounds for a few years and had seen tons of babies. We were happy to hear that she thought the "conditions" for the ultrasound were great. She said there was plenty of amniotic fluid which allowed her to see Ashley more clearly and there was plenty of room for her to move around.

The tech confirmed the sex for us and then continued on to show us our little girl inside the womb. It was really amazing!!

Here are a few of the images she captured. We got to see her stretching, moving around, and opening her mouth:

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Anonymous said...

Another beautiful little niece for me, Im so blessed :)