Monday, March 2, 2009

GREAT Grandparents

Each February, my Aunt Rita and Uncle Mike from Illinois (my mom's brother) come out to visit California. This year was no exception. They brought along their daughter (my cousin) Julie and her daughter Celia. Julie's husband is a Deputy Sherrif and was stuck at work, so he wasn't able to escape the cold weather this year. They were all staying at my grandparents' house in San Diego.

Since I'm not working, my mom decided that she would take a day off work and asked me to join her to visit them down in San Diego (Feb. 11th). They wanted to make a day trip of going to Coronado Island. Even though I've lived in California, I had never been to Coronado before! So it was a new adventure to me.

I wanted to tell my grandparents about the pregnancy, so before we headed out for Coronado, I gave them a little gift.

I had picked up a plain white metal mailbox in the $1 spot at Target and embellished it with some scrapbook papers, stickers and jewels. Inside I had written them a little note, stuck the ultrasounds in and given them a sweet treat for Valentine's Day.

My grandma had my grandpa read the note outloud. After he read it, he gasped and got a big smile on his face. My grandma was crying, gave me a hug and said how happy she was! My grandpa was a little teary eyed, gave me a hug and said how lucky he was. My grandma then turned to him and said, "We made it Paul. Now just hang in there!" They're so funny. My grandpa has been in and out of the hospital a lot in the past few years, so I was really glad to be able to tell them this good news while he's still healthy.
This will be their 2nd great-grandchild, but Celia lives all the way in Illinois and they only get to see her once a year.

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Superwoman Scrapper said...

Aaaaaawwww, I wish I could have seen the looks on their faces. Makes me a little teary eyed.