Thursday, July 10, 2008

It’s fresh AND easy!

There’s a new local grocery-type store that has popped up recently called Fresh & Easy. I had heard people talking about it, but we went into it for the first time this past weekend.

They have a lot of fresh and pre-prepared items along with your basic grocery store items. I was a little disappointed with the amount of items they had in their produce section, but overall it was a very interesting shopping trip.

We bought some pre-sliced, pre-marinated chicken fajitas, some tilapia with a tomatillo salsa, an Italian chopped salad and a bowl of pad thai. We also bought a loaf of rosemary infused French bread.

The fajitas were tasty and quick to make since they were already prepared. The tilapia wasn’t bad (Cuong said he likes it better when I make it). I enjoyed the chopped salad, really yummy dressing. Cuong said he wouldn’t buy the pad thai again. The bread was really tasty. 50/50 isn’t that bad!

I did enjoy that everything did look pretty fresh. The way everything was packaged it made it all look very clean.

After you've completed your shopping you head over to the check out area. It's a self-check out, which cuts down on their overhead at the store.

Another good thing about Fresh & Easy is that for every $20 you spend, they give you a $5 off coupon for the following week. Very clever marketing….and you have to use the coupon by the end of the of following week!

One item that I needed to buy for this week’s dinner was fresh mint. The way it was packaged looked really nice. Plus, it’s grown locally in California!

With the fresh mint I was able to make the lemon-herb chicken that I had a recipe for.

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